Mz. Mugzzi

Mz. Mugzzi, or Sam as her friends call her, has had these psychic abilities since birth. Mugzzi can predict love and relationship outcomes, natural disasters, earthquakes, developing illnesses, passing of loved ones, future business predictions, future pregnancy, weddings, and much more.

Currently, Sam uses her psychic medium gifts to help others who have lost their path or need information from a crossed over loved one. Mugzzi has the ability to highlight destiny directions, choices that need to be made and will warn of potential perils. Mz. Mugzzi can also see health issues, (she is currently one of the only practicing Naturopathic Doctors in the states of Arizona and Nevada who is also certified as an Iridologist) troubled relationships and generally sees a larger picture of one's life. Most importantly, it should be noted that she offers guidance in a loving and professional manner. Since she is well educated with a Master's degree in business, she has an acute awareness towards business practices and the pro's and con's of a situation. This makes her recomendations both insightful and invaluable.

Mz. Mugzzi is a unique reader because of her wisdom, life experiences and psychic abilities. Mugzzi can remote view, feel empathically about the person in question, and speak to loved ones who have crossed over. She uses these gifts to help law enforcement to gain clues to a difficult case and give a victum a voice. She also worked in the medical industry as a medical intutive. Listen to her radio show for more on Mz. Mugzzi's abilities.

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Predict My and Spiritual Light, for Psychic Readings, Empowering Better, and U Heal for Naturopathic Health Consultations.

Dr. Sam Mugzzi and Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

Monday July 21, 2014

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